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An overseas business can set up a UK entity and it does not need to have an office or staff in the UK to do so. There will be different tax implications if that is the case, as opposed to when the company has a permanent establishment in the UK, with a local office and employees in the UK. The facts are often not totally clear-cut and need careful consideration to ensure taxes are declared correctly, therefore it is always wise to take professional advice on these matters. MYOFFICEINUK has an office in India and China as well as in the UK so we understand what exactly is needed for an Indian and Chinese manufacturer to start an establishment in the UK.

Online incorporation can be done in most cases, but not all. We do not advise that it is done without taking advice about the implications of incorporating a company and receiving confirmation that this entity type will achieve the business’ objectives. You should be familiar with the UK incorporation process and have taken advice on how to structure the new entity before embarking on an online company registration yourself.

 Yes, and as part of our full package of UK company incorporation services, we may in the final step register the company online. Online registration may not be suitable for all companies and in these cases we will register the company via other means

Using these services, you will simply be sent a form to complete which will form the basis for entering the information on the agents bulk formation system. Normally, there is no guidance provided and cheap formation services will not offer any advice on whether incorporating a limited company will be the best option to achieve your objectives. MYOFFICEINUK has office in India and Chine so you can get on a call and speak to us anytime to clarify any doubts or queries, unlike some online agents who may never respond to you.

We can normally quote a timescale of 1-2 days after we have received all the information from you

Yes, we can also offer UK LLP incorporation services

Yes, we also offer visa advisory service which includes visitor visa, business visa, innovator visa, investment visa, etc

There are a number of annual compliance requirements once a company is registered and we can take care of all of these annual compliance requirements for UK companies, freeing up more time for our clients to concentrate on managing their businesses.

Annual statutory accounts must be prepared and filed at Companies House.

Every year the business must complete a Confirmation Statement (formerly called Annual Return).

Since 6th April 2016 a persons with significant control register (PSC register) must be held and kept up to date. This identifies all persons that have significant control or ownership.

All formal changes, such as a change of director, shareholder or a change of address must be registered at Companies House and specific forms need to be completed either online or in hard copy.

Recording minutes of meetings is very important as this records important decisions and resolutions made by the directors. Even though the keeping of minutes of meetings is a legal requirement it is often neglected by many companies and this can affect due diligence outcome in the event of a sale of the business.

Our warehouse complies with all regulations and based on the contract/agreement we sign, all your goods will be insured from Day 1 since they arrive. You will get daily/weekly reports of all transactions and balance remaining stock so you are always in control. The goods remain under the title of your company and you are always the owner of those goods.

We offer online and offline support to help you sell your goods. We have experience in different fields mainly electrical & electronics, textile, pharmaceuticals, packaged food, etc. We have access to 30+ marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, ManoMano, Wayfair, B&Q (UK’s largest DIY retailer), Debenhams (UK’s premier fashion retailer), etc, where we can help you introduce your products and get you sales in no time. We also have access to 100+ marketplace platforms in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc. We also have a dedicated team of e-commerce experts who can manage your online account so you don’t need to worry about managing day-to-day operations and focus more on strategic decisions

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Starting a business in the UK is already a smart move, but with the potential for a free trade agreement (FTA) between the UK and India, it’s an even better time to take the leap. Negotiations for the FTA have been ongoing since 2018, and while it has not yet been finalized as of March 2023, there is a lot of optimism surrounding the potential deal.

The proposed FTA between India and the UK aims to increase trade between the two countries. Read More..

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